About Serek Basses

A unique blend of old school and new school

Serek Basses has a unique way of blending old school and new school to create a fresh looking bass that remains rooted in the instrument’s history. Hand-built right here in Chicago, a Serek bass is a true player’s instrument. With rock solid construction and only the best quality components, Serek instruments stand in a class all of their own.

At Serek Basses, craftsmanship is paramount, and the broad selection of unique basses offered is second to none in the city of Chicago, and beyond…

When a musician needs a custom bass guitar, they trust Serek Basses to handcraft a one-of-a-kind instrument that plays flawlessly and both sounds and looks like nothing else out there.

Our humble beginnings set the stage for who we are today. Jake Serek – born and raised in the Chicago area – is no stranger to the music scene. He’s had the pleasure of touring with his previous band Bad City opening for the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, Slash, KISS, and more.

During that time, Jake discovered his unbridled enthusiasm for designing and crafting musical instruments, particularly bass guitars, his specialty and passion.

He learned the art of crafting artisan basses during an internship at Lakland Bass Guitars, and he furthered his knowledge and experience at Third Coast Guitar Repair before eventually starting his own business.

What began as a hobby quickly transformed into a custom workshop that attracts bassists worldwide who need something distinctive and individual, something never before created.

Serek draws influence from off-the-wall bass guitar designs from bygone eras. Being that these older instruments weren’t always the most functional, high-quality hardware and electronics are added to the mix to keep up with modern players’ needs.

Serek Basses strives to combine the best of both worlds: a quality bass that evokes vintage nostalgia with the functionality of contemporary design.


It varies, but at the moment it is between 6-9 months.

Glad you asked! Please watch this video. It has everything you need to know to get your instrument in top playing shape!

This is a highly subjective matter. Think about the tone you want to achieve. We recommend first deciding if you want one or more pickups. Next, decide if you like single coils or humbuckers. Pickup placement is also very important. We have plenty of YouTube demos available as well to help you decide!

All other variables being equal, in general this is what you can expect: Longer scale lengths will have a slightly more focused low end fundamental and more overtones (think “zing”). Shorter scale lengths tend to be a bit rounder and more mellow, but the low end often comes across as “fatter” and the response is much more even from string-to-string and all up and down the fretboard.

Please take a look at the dimensions listed in our web shop, and then measure the overall length of your bass from the butt-end to the tip of the headstock. Don’t worry about the strap button, there is enough padding to absorb it.

The tap gives you two tonal options, both still single coil. Please watch this video to learn more.


Serek Basses instruments are guaranteed to be free from defective materials and workmanship to the original purchaser for three years. Finish is not included in warranty coverage. Pickups are only covered if they are Serek pickups. For all other pickup and electronic concerns, as well as hardware defects, please contact the original manufacturer. The warranty begins on the date recorded on the Certificate of Authenticity included with the bass.

Should a defect become apparent during normal use, this instrument will be repaired free of charge, subject to the following conditions:

What’s Not Covered

The warranty is void if, upon inspection by Serek personnel, the defect is determined to be the result of damage due to misuse, exposure to environmental extremes, modification, or the use of replacement parts, including strings, not in conformity with factory specifications, or due to damage not resulting from a manufacturing defect.

This warranty does not extend to strings or deterioration of items subject to routine wear and tear, nor shall it apply where the serial number has been removed or defaced.

How To Obtain Service

You must obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number from the shop prior to return of instrument. Ship the instrument prepaid to the address below, with the RA number prominently showing outside the carton, and include your name, address, and description of the problem. Serek will return it, shipping prepaid, following repair.

Please return to:

Serek Basses
2950 W Carroll Ave, 2EB
Chicago, IL 60612