Serek LZN-B90 Humbucking Bass Pickup


Now introducing a humbucking version of the original B90 pickup, the Lazen-B90! (LZN-B90 for short)

The LZN-B90 was designed to retain as much of the vintage fat and growl of the original B90, but it still has a mind of its own. We used Alnico 8 magnets to keep it from getting too dark. We recommend Series wiring as the default, but try adding a switch for Parallel wiring for even more versatility!

***For those wanting a replacement for the Gibson Les Paul Junior DC Tribute bass: We recommend the Bridge/Middle position. Order with the Thunderbird cover for a drop-in replacement!***

***The LZN-B90 will work on basses with a 17-18mm string spacing at the bridge.***